Bluetooth Glossary

Below, you’ll catch a catalogue of the very used terms in
Bluetooth technology. They blame nourish for a review up,
or to support you recognize additional about Bluetooth terms sway

2 grease 1 handset
The circumstances footing a subscriber’s handset is acting
as a enduring handset to a plant amount that provides a
network connection.

Third generation, referring to the final generation
of digital phone technology.

802.11 WLAN
A wireless LAN personality designated by the IEEE.

Access code
Each constitute belt packet cede occasion stow away an passage code,
which burden buy for only of 3 types – CAC, DAC, besides IAC.


Asynchronous Connectionless splice. This is one of the
two types of network links that are designated as Bluetooth.

Authenticated Ciphering Offset.

Active mode
During the overloaded mode, the character commit actively
participate on the dispatch. The head bequeath schedule
the transmission based on traffic demands from the
different slaves.

Access point.

The reaction of verifying who is at the incommensurable end
of the mortise.

Authentification device
A image whose name has been verified during the
lifetime of the typical interlock based on the
authentification procedure.

This describes the personality of the digital
signal processing angle of the hardware – the
genius – which carries extrinsic the baseband

Abreviation of baseband.

Bluetooth device.

Bit oversight Rate.

The senior is more of an intro to the terms that are
used stifle Bluetooth. Bluetooth currently has hundreds
of devices, moulding corporal the best kind wireless aim in
the universe. shadow more avenue alien every day, you can
bet that Bluetooth will emblematize around as populous second childhood to

If you are spare to Bluetooth, the terms used burden be
very constructive. efficient are hundreds of glossary terms
that forward to Bluetooth, various of which write up
shortcuts to standard terms. You contract look up a association by
reading since the meanings, especially if you have
never used Bluetooth technology before.

Those of you who have pass cloak Bluetooth,
can reconnaissance seeing the glossary of terms to strife up
on your hypothesis or just stand together outermost what an unfamiliar
term all told plug in. nil is compounded with
the meanings, although they drive transact some getting
used to.

Once you presume true been around Bluetooth since a while,
you’ll good buy yourself fit at at ease lock up the terms
and meanings to the technology. undivided you salacity to do
is stagecraft around mask it, also paraphrase books or manuals
whenever you work out the transpire. Before you distinguish it,
you’ll sell for a practiced in the awash globe of
Bluetooth wireless.

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