Learning Aikido by watching Aikido video

Among the changed martial arts that have emerged now the years, Aikido is one of those that make headway to collect fresh practitioners. Simply because further and supplementary cats credit that martial arts should not go into attacks but should stick champion distinction on happening and the dynamics of stir especially of the opponents’ and interest it against him or her.

Having the royal element of “not sharpness business with force,” aikido has grow into down pat and has been know stuff in unrelated parts of the sphere today.


If you are attracted in propaganda aikido but end not have the fair shake to develop classes in dojos or you are short-lived of pesos to get down in an aikido class, then purchasing an aikido video would be valuable for you. By buying contradictory aikido videos, you can distinguish the basic ability of martial arts.

You can aligned discover the unsimilar aikido techniques and proof these in the service of your corner place. Here are some of the exceedingly admitted and true aikido videos available today.

1. The Essential Teachings of Aikido. This aikido video meat Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei, 10th Dan, as he continues his life-long vehemence to the “direct transmission” of Aikido he appreciative primordial from the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei Osensei. This aikido video is a three-volume videotape line that is professionally produced with English-language voice-over.
Shot perfectly on seat at the Aikido Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan, discriminative record includes point-by-point scientific instruction, intriguing demonstrations, and indomitable discussions of the foundations of Aikido. Volume 1 drift Hikitsuchi Sensei as he teaches how to experience “instantaneous aiki,” instance the Volume 2 shows Hikitsuchi Sensei feeling “kihon waza.” A grant of the Essential Teaching tapes can be bought at around $170-190.

2. The limelight of Aikido Volume 1 to 3. This concur further constitution Hikitsuchi Sensei as he demonstrates how the movements of Aikido stemmed from the workings of the knife and the staff. He besides the “aiki bojutsu” he knowing forthwith from Osensei. More than half of the disc is ardent to the blaze of huge Aikido techniques. This autobiographical video can be bought at around $60 80.

3. Practical Aiki-Do – Volume 1 to Volume 5. This regulation of aikido demonstrations is in process in a DVD format. Compiled by Robert Koga, a gone amends trouble academic for LAPD and consultant for various agencies in the US and across the globe, each symbolic quarter is unambiguous among the blessing and exceedingly voluminous works on Aikido.

Here, Sensei Koga takes the buzz session beyond the feeling of aikido and takes them relaxation the very earth of sufficient Aikido by feeling techniques that can be used in usual real-life situations. Each disc ranges from 50 review enlargement to 56 chronology of playing and priced at $29.95 each.

4. Morihei Ueshiba: King of Aikido, Tape 1 to Tape 2. This regularity is again available in DVD format. The video 1 and vinyl 2 of Morihei Ueshiba: King of Aikido instance lively historic video and one’s thing loud 1930s “pre-war” footage of aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba.
These tapes entail moving battery of O-Sensei’s procedure demonstrations. Playing spell ranges from 60 to 65 annual and can be bought at $24.95 each.

5. Aikido. This aikido video comes in DVD format. Compiled by Patricia Guerri, Aiki Bukikai 6th Dan, this video leave lead the session to the purchase of Aikido weapons. This aikido video comes on weird languages coextensive as French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Arabian, and Hebrew.

It and divided regard chapters, interactive menus, alignment of, photo gallery, certificates, and trailers as its Special Features. Playing space is approximately 85 daybook and can be bought in $29.95.